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Bruno K: Losing My Baby Mama Was One Of The Most Trying Moments I've Ever Experienced

Narrating the struggles he has experienced throughout his music career, One For The Road singer Bruno Kiggundu aka Bruno K, has affirmed that losing the mother of his child was one the most challenging situations he has ever experienced in his lifetime.

Late last year in December 2021, Bruno K was accused of being a hypocrite on social media after allegations surfaced that he had abandoned the mother of his child, leaving her family to struggle with the huge medical bills till her time of death. According to a one Mukyara Becky who identified as a cousin to Racheal Nasasira (the mother to Bruno’s child), Racheal was battling skin cancer and tried to make phone calls to Bruno which he rejected. Mukyara also claimed that one of those calls was to tell him her last words before she died.

On The Fatboy Show today morning, Bruno K, while being hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, denied the allegations saying that some people were trying to use his grief to pull him down.

“In your worst moments, some people want to make you hit rock-bottom. There were people who went and wrote a lot of things about me and I just kept quiet and decided to watch them. This is what I want to clarify; my baby mama came from a very rich family, very very rich. Whatever people said on social media that she died because she had no help is wrong (sighs); she went to the best hospitals. The best that her family could take her to. That is why I got so shocked from what people were saying!” the artist exclaimed.

Bruno went on to add that as an unmarried couple co-parenting their child Brielle, they had differences between them but that he offered as much support as he could although the family manageably financed the late’s medical bills till her death.

“This is a family that was taking good care of their daughter. They stay in Kololo and Fatboy, you know that that place is not for broke people. So when I saw all these bloggers posting all this nonsense and rubbish, I was surprised,” he remarked.

He added that not only did he receive the backlash from social media and news blogs, but even from close friends.

“I was shocked because even one of my close friends told me, ‘I think that you're doing this for sympathy’ and I was shocked! Because I love my kid and I was thinking about her. I was putting myself in my daughter’s shoes and I thought about how she would have to go to school and see other children with their mums yet I would be taking her to school alone.”

Bruno K then revealed that he isn’t thinking about settling in another relationship, but rather prioritizing the raising of his child with the support of his late baby mama’s family and her friends such as renowned Journalist Faridah Nakazibwe, with whom the child is currently staying to acquire a mother-like figure in her life.

As a solo artist that has worked his way up from Airtel Trace Music Stars, the celebrity says that persistence and determination helped him to stand whenever he fell. He encouraged those pursuing careers to keep trying no matter how many times they fail.

Bruno K has produced hit songs such as Omuwala, One For The Road, Leero Mbaga, Ntaawa and Nkooye Okulowoza among so many others. He hopes to release a reggae E.P and some collaborations for his fans.

The Fatboy show is hosted by James Onen aka Fatboy, Olive, Sarah and Lesham every weekday from 6am to 10am on RX Radio.

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