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Brunch Talk: Why Are More Men Shunning Marriage Today?

With the increasing numbers of divorces worldwide, men, and women as well, are increasingly shunning the institution of marriage.

On the Brunch Talk today, the show’s host Olive Najjuma was joined in discussion with Radio Host and Comedian, Daniel Omara as well as News anchor and Editor at RX Radio, Lorna Marriet Mirembe, to dig into the reasons why people are getting turned off by the idea of marriage.

In his argument, Daniel said that women want traditional men who are providers, protectors and emotionally fulfilling. The women on the other hand, don’t want to be traditional for instance by being home builders or family oriented. Instead, they are modern women who are more drawn to their careers than the responsibilities that come with marriage.

“Men want the traditional woman who takes pride in being family oriented; one who wants to take care of her man and kids. But now, all we are getting is the modern woman who is work oriented and yet men want to be taken care of. This is why men go for the maids because women leave all the responsibilities to them,” Daniel argued.

However, Olive dismissed the argument, saying that with the high costs of living, many women engage in work to support the family financially and lift the burden off the man. Daniel refuted this, insisting that though this would be the ideal, most women don't contribute to supporting the family finances even when they are earning, leaving the financial burden to the man in the home.

He added that today, modern women are too busy to be home makers and won’t quit their jobs for marriage. He said that even when women delegate and direct the househelps to do the chores on their behalf, most end up delegating poorly and still leave their responsibilities to the maids.

Meanwhile, Lorna Marriet Mirembe, a millennial in her mid 20’s, said that she isn't married yet because she wants to focus on her career and establish herself in the field of media. She opined that many people in her age bracket are also shunning marriage because of growing up in broken marriages, giving most of them a negative perception of it.

“Our parents are in the age range of around 40, and back then, most of them went into marriage probably because they were forced to, others had unprotected sex hence being forced to raise their children as single parents. It is the experiences living within these settings that have made a lot of my age mates and people in my generation shun marriage,” Lorna explained.

She added that some people like her don't want to settle into marriage before establishing themselves financially in order to avoid getting undermined by their partners who will see them as dependents in marriage.

Nevertheless, the two guest hosts admitted that easy access to sex has made most men and women shun the institution since they can get satisfied without any strings attached.

Brunch Talk is hosted by Olive Najjuma Monica every Saturday from Midday to 1pm on RX Radio.

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