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Being Kemetic Has Awakened My Subconsciousness - Ismail Hassan

Kemetic scholar, subsistence agriculturalist and climate change activist Ismail Hassan, alias Lone Walker 256 has attributed his subconscious awakening to Kemetic spirituality; saying It has helped him to foresee things.

During his interview on RX Radio’s The Groove Cafe hosted By Crystal Newman, the staunch Kemetic said that many people have been attached to Western and Arabic doctrines, leaving their religious originalities which they as Kemetics have come to re- awaken.

“I believe that people need to be awakened by going back to their roots. There is a wrong narrative that African spirituality revolves around witchcraft which is very wrong because African spirituality is very universal and starts with one’s relation with mother nature.”

“And with this awakening,” he added, “Ive been able to see and address problems differently and look for things that match with my energy. Sometimes, I've even been able to foresee myself in scenarios. There’s a time I envisioned myself getting into a motorcycle crash and randomly when I was riding on a bodaboda, I nearly got into the accident. Because I have had a connection with nature, I've often been warned and been able to predict situations before they happen.”

Hassan, who also happens to be an environmental activist, said that he started engaging in tree planting campaigns during his first year at university where he fronted a green revolution campaign and planted over 3000 trees within the campus. He encouraged environmental institutions to give people indigenous trees instead of exotic trees to restore nature while engaging the community as stakeholders such that they can embrace these campaigns and safeguard them till they grow.

Crystal then inquired from him as to why young people haven't considered farming as a viable business option even with the efforts being put out to encourage them into considering it as a sustainable source of income.

Quoting Llaila Afrika, Hassan said that youths should know that food is medicine and culturally was used to heal in addition to a variety of other benefits.

“I believe that it's a wrong mindset of the youth and would like to advise them not to take agriculture as their last option when they have failed at other careers.

He further encouraged young people to carry out enough research and get a variety of knowledge before investing in agriculture, while partnering with employees to make them part and parcel of the business to foster quick growth.

The grove cafe with Crystal Newman airs every Weekday from 4-5pm on RX Radio.

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