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Anna: As Black People, We Like Victimising Ourselves To Racism

While commenting on the angry tweet put out by Sheila Gashumba on Easter Monday over Caffesserie’s customer care services, Hear Me Out show guest host Anna Mukasa said that black people like playing the racist card whenever they get disappointed at white owned hangouts.

The media personality took to twitter to express her frustration over how she had been treated at the eatery, complaining that white clients were being subjected to preferential treatment as opposed to Ugandans.

“Caffesirie at acacia is racist with no customer care in the morning from 7am because their bosses aren’t around. Ugandan workers choose white clients over Ugandan clients! White clients don't need to have masks at acacia but black clients have to!” said Shiela in a tweet.

Whereas her tweet gathered remarkable attention on the platform with a number of people justifying her experience, quite a number disagreed with her.

Similarly, Anna said that whereas there might be a bit of a degree of racism in certain places black people like victimising themselves whenever confronted in situations that involve the white people.

“Black people have this mental slate where we say that, because am black am being treated like this and number two when black people go to restaurants they don't buy things that earn the restaurant money.You want to come to my restaurant that sells dinner at say 90,000 shillings and you want to have ice cream for 3k,” she said.

In places such as Cafesserie at Acacia mall, Anna opined that these have a particular clientele that they serve and if one does not reach the standard, adding that black people shouldn't expect exceptional treatment when they get into a white establishment just because it reigns in a black community.

Just like white people are expected to act accordingly in black establishments, she said so should black people, advising that also looking bougie when getting into certain hangouts is a requirement.

But also she mentioned that as unbelievable as it sounds, black people are rude. Anna said that unlike a white person who will get into a restaurant and smile at neighbours or greet the waiting servers, or walk to the counter to make an order, black people will wait to be served at all times.

Daniel Omara, the host of the show recognized that bad quality service is not non- existent at some hangouts in Uganda and that Ugandans are different from white people. He said that a friend in the hospitality sector says this is so because white people have a tipping culture to a point where it is part of the going out economics.

Daniel also added that many Ugandans will go to bourgie hangout places, look and play the part by taking pictures but never eating at the place or at most, they order for drinking water while using the place’s resources such as wifi.

The two presenters further advised Ugandans to adopt the tipping culture of a 10 percent on the meals spent on. “If you can’t tip, at least afford a proper meal, do not go spend 45 minutes in someone’s restaurant and buy water, or start bargaining on set prices. If you can't afford the place, eat from where you can or from home,” Anna advised.

Hear Me Out is hosted by Daniel Omara every Saturday from 10am to Midday on RX Radio.

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